Wagging Tail – 170

This morning my Mom’s cousin Barbara posted something that we thought was so true and important we just had to share with you.

This is a rule Mom and I practice. It makes us happy.

As soon as Ma gets out of bed we have a great big hug and roll around on the carpet.

It’s like a good breakfast it really sets you up for all that lies ahead.

Ending the day with a hug is also highly recommended.

Science shows snuggles between a human and a pooch is better than any nightcap or hot water bottle!

In between the bed-ends though there are many other things we can do to keep each other happy.

Walking together of course is right up there, kind words or a little laugh go down well and I’d take a belly tickle too!

But if you really want to show me just how much you care and keep me zen hit me with the rawhide.

Blessing # 832 – Chewables

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