Wagging Tail – 171

As you know my Ma has been dancing almost daily for years. She’s also been lifting weights and having a generally wonderful time with her pals at“The Country Club” gym and pool!

Covid closedown taught her one very important thing though. The exercise she loves more than any other is walking with me!

With the project she was spending less and less time at the gym and had to make a choice between gym or long walks!

She choose me.

So since today is her last day as a member of the club I decided I’d show her that she took the right decision.

Even though her appointment at the project got postponed till next week I decided, as her new personal trainer, to get her going early with a bit of tennis.

After that we did a bit of speed walking around the trails and when we came home we stretched.

We’re not done yet though. I have plans for some step work this afternoon and maybe another set!

I’m kinda chuffed about this new responsibility I’ve been given. Even google is nodding their approval!

She is after all my Love All!

Blessing # 833 – New Game

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