Wagging Tail- 190

It was pouring so hard this morning that we left for work before I got a walk.

Just as we were passing a rest area on the highway it stopped for a minute so Ma took a hard right on two wheels and I got to walk through the trees.

Strange place for a constitutional with the noise of all those big trucks roaring by but it did the business!

Onwards then no turning back.

First stop Lowe’s for a paint sample for the bathroom.

The paint sample was perfect so forget what I said about no turning back that’s just what we did.

Back to Lowe’s for more paint. Not only did she get what was needed for the bathroom she also bought a few gallons to paint her retro treasures too. My head was spinning and we hadn’t even opened the tins.

To make matters worse we were no sooner home than she had to start testing her color combinations.

Is there no end! Well it may still be raining but she’s taking me out now. Seems even Da Vinci was forced to stop sometimes to watch the paint dry.

Blessing # 852 – Green Theme

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