Wagging Tail- 191

Today started out pretty normal. We met Auntie Denise and walked to the park.

It took a down turn when herself spotted a metal wall hanger for coats in someone’s trash. Poor Auntie Denise had to carry it home as herself had me on the leash.

OK it’s pretty and has roses which fit her theme. Not too concerned about that.

Off she goes with Dad to their Tuesday morning group but they weren’t away more than five minutes and they were back. I hardly had time to lie down let alone sleep.

They dumped a big metal table in the garage and took off again.

Sleep here we come! I had to get that in before work.

I shouldn’t have bothered. No matter how much I postured to get involved she refused to take me along.

When I saw the back of the car I understood why. That table she dived came with four chairs! The front seat was taken too!

There was not an inch to spare and soon there won’t be at the project either.

Blessing # 853 – Reaching Capacity

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