Wagging Tail – 192

I am feeling sad!

Once more I was left home all day with Dad and it’s gloomy to boot so I couldn’t even sunbathe on the patio!

When she eventually returned she was so exhausted with all her efforts that she only could manage a tiny trot.

In spite of her fatigue she is all fired up that the State of Ohio has officially given her the green light to do business.

She also has decided she has all the furniture she needs to get going.

Now we need your help. Give us your thoughts on names for these rooms

This is the biggest room and will have a traditional feel!

How about this one? It will have a lot of green and is getting greener by the minute. There’s a lot of green all over her clothes too!

This one we’re pretty sure we’ll call the garden room and then finally one that has a very rustic feel.

We’ve art for ever occasion so don’t let that limit you.

I’m exhausted myself with all the choices. Sometimes it easier to have limitations.

Blessing # 854– Naming the LPP Baby

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