Wagging Tail – 216

Big words are not my thing. I work best with sit and stay. That doesn’t mean I don’t understand them though.

On Thursday when Ma woke up she said Thessalonika. Well yes of course! Let’s go!

I don’t know what she’d been dreaming about, vacations maybe, but she soon was reading a letter Saint Paul wrote some 2000 years ago to the dudes who lived there.

I listened. He was a good man that Paul. Very upright. He really cared for people and wanted to be close to them but he was stuck far far away.

The Thessalonians surfaced again today Ma told me when our Pastor Larry preached about this same letter of Paul

Even though it was written such a long time ago it’s very timely. It’s all about people who want to be together being separated. Encouragement from afar was what Paul was good at.

We can all do that Pastor Larry said so I thought I’d act on that and send you a little love as another Paul said. It’s all you need!

Blessing # 880 – Reinforced

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