Wagging Tail- 217

Ma got to work early today to arrange a call with the architect and engineer to discuss the heating installation permits.

She got a slot at 11:00 so was a bundle of nerves waiting so moved into manic mode.

She speed walked me to the park and when we came back decided she was going to repot plants. That didn’t keep her going for more than fifteen minutes so she took to the windows.

She is quite frightening when she starts squirting. Screens were flying off in all directions. I stood very still.

After her call she was all happy smily again as they made some progress so she said we could go to work.

The scope of today’s project was to research gluten free possibilities for the menu.

It’s not that easy. If anyone has ideas they’d be welcome. We drove to a number of bakeries near the project and some foodservice outlets and supermarkets but options are limited especially for baked goods.

I’ve been on a gluten free diet myself until recently when Dad goofed and bought me the wrong stuff. Now I’m weaned onto that wonderful molecule that makes bread rise and cake spongy.

It was a fun day as the radio is now playing Christmas songs. So we cruised and caroled and even took a little trip to the beach.

Each time we stop I pop into the drivers seat. One of these days I’m going to toot that horn and give some old lady a big shock. Bet with my head down people think I’m just a curly haired dude waiting for his wife!

Blessing # 881 – Incognito

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