Wagging Tail- 247

It’s the bros birthday tomorrow. He will be 20. No longer a teenager! An old man compared to me!

He’s working the late shift tomorrow so Dad is making us a special dinner tonight. We are having the bro’s favorites scallops and salmon.

As Dad likes peace when he’s cooking Ma and I had to get offside. So we took a run up to the project that is currently stalled. All we could do was water the plants.

We decided since it was a good day we’d do a bit of site seeing.

It’s impressive.

He’s not a notable President but must have been a decent sort as he had a dog a bit like me.

Now we are home and Dad is putting the finishing touches to the feast.

The timers on so I’m off the aroma is amazing.

Blessing # 910 – Bon Appétit

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