Wagging Tail- 248

The bro got up early to see what he’d got for his birthday.

He seemed happy enough with what was in his bag even though it was only edibles.

Ma refuses to buy him anything with an I in it unless he is there to pick it. He hasn’t had a minute to go shopping with her.

He ate a box of Ferrero Rocher for his breakfast and then had another snooze.

I was extra specially loving to him and we shared a little more sweetness before he headed out for brunch.

He may have had a feast but all I got out of that outing was a few dry crackers.

Oh well it’s his birthday so I suppose I may be thankful. After all my fortune cookie did say « Do into others as you’d have them do to you »

So I smacked a big slobbery one on his lips as he headed out to work.

Blessing # 911 – As the Card Says

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