Wagging Tail-256

You know how much I love a ride in the car well I’ve having a ball.

Last night the ancients took me out to see the lights around the neighborhood. The bro has been at work since last Friday doing nights and double shifts so he missed all the fun.

Everything is so pretty. We passed the zoo but didn’t stop to see Rudolph!

Today we went to the “project” and Ma got her best present in a long time. The heating is installed for the upstairs and there is a hole in the wall where she wanted and hole closed up as well. I don’t know why that makes her so happy but she was singing.

After that we did the last minute shopping before rushing home to get me some dinner. I was famished

She is all smiles and just before leaving for Church she got a good laugh. Her bestie Lorraine sent her a message and the pair of them look like twins.

Just goes to show you can be thousands of miles apart and still connected with the spirit of Christmas!

Blessing # 919 – Sparkles

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