Wagging Tail-257

It happened like in the movies. Just after it got dark on Christmas Eve it started to snow.

Made all the little luminaries at our Church look prettier than ever.

This morning we had about five inches at our house. Ma and me were in the thick of it before six. We have to do short walks today though as it’s very very cold and sore on my tootsies.

The bro is staying at the hotel where he works as they are short staffed. He finished late last night and started early this morning so makes sense.

He’s coming home for dinner this evening so we got busy making his favorite dessert a pavlova. It looks like snow and I wanted some but seems raw egg is bad for me.

Hope I’ll get a bit now it’s cooked!

We went to see the bro to swap cars so he can have the 4×4 to drive home in the dark.

His car was like an igloo. We got it cleaned fast but under the snow was thick ice that took ages to thaw. So Ma and me just sat and watched it melt and had a chat with each other as the bro had to go inside to see to his guests.

He got a whole load of truckers in last night as the Pennsylvania turnpike was closed because of the blizzard.

You never think of things like that. Those truckers do so much for us all. Puts a whole new meaning to “driving home for Christmas”

Blessing # 920 – Teamsters

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