Wagging Tail- 258

The mother cooked a mountain of meat because she knows that’s what the bro and me enjoy most.

As soon as he came home we had a quick cuddle and then we had our feast. He hadn’t eaten all day so he put away a few pounds of grub.

After that we opened our stockings.

Santa gave me an Elf. He is cute and I like him a lot. He’s easy to toss around but doesn’t squeak like pinky. I also got a huge bone from Auntie Denise that will keep me going till next Christmas.

Among other things the bro got a LOT of beef jerky that might tide him over till New Year. He also got a hat to go with it that Ma says he has to take care of because it’s the real JR!

His best present though came all the way from Ireland. His Auntie Anne got him the autobiography of his hero rugby star and former captain of Ireland Rory Best. Thanks to Anne, Rory himself signed for the bro

We had no sooner scoffed the dessert than he took off again and Ma and Dad fell asleep watching TV.

Strange sort of Christmas I was glad I had that elf for company.

Blessing # 921 – Little and Large People

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