Wagging Tail- 264

As you know I earn my keep guarding our home and protecting my family. My bark can be heard a mile away and in the car it can be quite deafening.

I’m really good at sharing and taking care of my toys and allowing my family and friends to play with them. I’ll welcoming everyone to play toss the piggy and even share my treats too.

See when it comes to bones though I’m a wild animal. They are strictly my OWN!

Ma gave me one for New Years Eve and there is no way anyone is touching it not even herself!

Come near me when I have it in my jaws and I’ll give you the biggest meanest growl you can imagine.

I’ll hide under the bed or table if you dare try to take it from me.

You all have to take this life lesson from me.

Save the tough stuff for when you really need it so people know what you’re made of.

Blessing # 927 – Back Bone

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