Wagging Tail – 265

We have family in different parts of the world so we always keep an eye on the weather where they are.

It’s our little way of checking in on them each day and thinking about them and what they might be doing.

We do our checks in centigrade because that’s what we’re familiar with and look at the forecast for their week ahead.

If we see it’s sunny we imagine them out walking, maybe with their dogs if they have one and having fun.

In India it’s often very hot so we’re glad when we see a cooler day.

In the UK we know a little warmth will be welcome. As for Switzerland we know that snow always goes down well!

Funny isn’t it that no matter what you get most of be it heat or cold or rain or snow when the sun shines bright you welcome it and thanks to those near and dear who share what they did in the sun you can enjoy it even if it’s dull outside your own door.

Blessing # 928 – Virtual Visit

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