Wagging Tail- 266

Do you have a place in your house that only you sit in? We all do and we know her Maj does at the palace.

Dad’s is at one end of one sofa, Ma’s is at the other end of the other sofa and when the bro is home he sits in the single chair.

I kinda fluctuate as the feeling takes me or the spirit moves me if you prefer. The one that’s definitely mine though is in the kitchen close to the best action. Who cares about TV when there is food on the go!

I’m a bit perplexed now because of the gift the bro gave Dad for Christmas.

It’s meant to be good for his back and give him support.

If you ask me though it like a young elephant in the room.

It’s more in keeping with a throne room than a regular persons palace but as long as it doesn’t stampede we’ll be OK

Blessing # 929 – Statement Pieces

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