Wagging Tail- 267

Being as it’s the Twelfth Day of Christmas Ma had to get the decorations down today.

This is her least favorite task of the year so she has to sandwich it between things she enjoys to make it happen.

I benefited richly.

We got to go to my favorite park. It was a dry morning and not too too cold.

When we got there, there wasn’t another sinner to be seen so I got to run free.

I decided on the White Tail Loop first and then took a nip down to the pond.

It was frozen so I just admired from afar.

We did the meadow next and met a labradoodle puppy then I had a great romp deep in the woods chasing squirrels.

What fun I had. We saw lots of spooky sculptures made my wind and storm and some great hiding places and then to top it all of who do you think we met?

None other than the man himself the big four pointer White Tail.

He stood there posing like a professional just like me!

Blessing # 930 – Close Ups

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