Wagging Tail- 273

Apart from our morning walk I haven’t seen much of herself today.

She was playing Van Gogh again painting one of her rescues in the garage.

With summer in mind her theme in “nautical”. Doesn’t matter that we’re stuck about a million miles from the sea.

She thinks it will be appreciated.

Personally I think it looked better before she started.

Of course I’m a little fed up with her and her neglect and silly ideas!

As soon as she’d finished her latest masterpiece she took off to take a friend to the dentist.

While she was waiting for her she went to the nearest Goodwill and bought more junk. “It was close by Scooby”

She just can’t resist. I don’t care if it only cost a few dollars. These expenditures all mount up and could be used for bones or treats.

Don’t you see it’s my latest theme Scooby?” She needs help! I might bite her ear off to save her any trouble.

Blessing # 974 – Therapists

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