Wagging Tail- 284

The weekend got off to a super sniffing start. I just love a wee trip to the forest.

It’s not just the doggy calling cards you get to sniff. There is cayote, deer, fox, raccoon, essence of skunk, squirrel and my favorite possum.

After we did the trails we went to the Amish store to get the bro some ham and cheese for his dorm. He moved his things in this morning but is moving in only next week. He has to have a reserve Ma says. I said I’d have some too as that smell of ham and cheese is heaven.

Once home herself started getting more springy thingies ready for her booth.

Now here is a puzzling thing. She has all these flowers falling out of watering cans and baskets and there is not even a tiny tingle that they transmit to my nostrils.

Maybe that’s why her sales stink!

Blessing # 985 – Aromatherapy

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