Wagging Tail- 285

It’s clear as crystal and written in black and white that we are not billionaires. The winning ticket was bought in Michigan just one state away.

We’d been waiting for the results to decide where herself would go to get some new boots. It won’t be Saks for Jimmy Choo’s!

The current boots were new at the start of the season but in just three months we’ve walked holes into the soles and heals of both of them. Now they are leaking something shocking so herself has wet tootsies on a regular basis.

We went to Walmart and she got a pair of Wellies. She says they are so shiny you could pass them off as Jimmy’s.

They smell rough though, just like rubber.

That’s yet another great thing about my kind we don’t need all that fancy footwear. We come fully equipped for all weathers!

Blessing # 986 – Monochrome

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