Wagging Tail – 286

It’s funny the things that stir the memories. Smells do it for me but Ma says old pictures do it for her.

Yesterday on one of her nostalgic Facebook groups someone had put a photo of a « coal hole » and asked if people remembered having one in their home and what they stored in it if it wasn’t used for coal itself.

Oh for sure Ma remembered hers and of course she had to tell a whole story about it too!

The star of this show was my Granny who passed away exactly four years ago yesterday. It was like she was pushing the post.

Since I’m only two I met Granny only in the heavenly realm before she dispatched me down here to take care of my Ma and bro.

Seems she was quite the character. Not a great lover of dogs as she thought we were mucky and she liked CLEAN!

Ironically though the first photo we have of her features one of my kind.

She was quite fiercely protective of her family and the go to person if anyone needed taking care of or better still « sorted out »

She was not someone you’d want to argue with and she certainly didn’t entertain fools lightly.

I’m so sure we’d have got along just great and am convinced that’s why she choose me for my current position!

Blessing # 987 – Spirited

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