Wagging Tail- 287

When I was a tiny scared little rescue person and came home to my family my tummy was very dickie for a few days.

We went through a lot of cleaner and used up all the supplies my predecessor left me. Dad was sent shopping with the bro to get some stock while Ma stayed home to care for me. As is Dads habit he didn’t buy just one bottle he bought enough to last a lifetime.

Now here is the good news. Not only is this great for cleaning up little accidents small canines might make it’s also miraculous for nuking all sorts of household stains.

Take for example this morning. Ma threw half her cup of coffee over the carpet.

In an instant though this product that I was responsible for discovering made it vanish instantly.

So dear reader even if you have no canine get yourselves a drop of this magic. It’s the next best thing to ice-cream or a dog itself.

Blessing # 988 – Great Finds

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