Wagging Tail-288

The bro went back to college yesterday so it is excessively lonely and dull around here.

As I watch for him out the window I see such a grey and gloomy day and know no matter how long I look he won’t be back till the weekend.

I feel quite down. The only thing for it was a good snooze.

I bet the Biden boys Champ and Major are feeling a lot friskier than me today as they have been reunited with all their family at The White House.

Champ is the elder statesman and is experienced to living in the capital

For Major Biden though it’s all new. Did you know he is a rescue dog like me.? Seems the first ever to live in that big place.

Hope he’s doing a good job keeping guard as Champ probably needs a lot of support.

I’m sure he’ll do fine. We lads can’t let the side down. Gotta get straight to business and do our duties keeping the family safe.

Blessing # 989 – Rehoming

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