Wagging Tail- 289

The Father had to get his first COVID vaccine shot today so I was left home alone.

No complaints at all dear peeps. I get treats when they go out without me and I get peace to snuggle up with my piggy in my cosy little kennel in the kitchen.

The vaccine was given at the hospital close to the project so of course they planned a visit there and then lunch and then some treasure hunting. So I was well warned that they would be away for a loooooooooog time.

It’s been a while since Ive had some time to myself for a little sweet snoozing when I can totally tune out.

Flip, forget that! I’d hardly closed the eye for the second time let alone the forty winks when the bro lands in.

Seems he forgot a whole load of things!

My foot. Truth be told he needed a cuddle with me.

Blessing # 990 – Me Time

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