Wagging Tail- 312

Ma was in excessively good mood this morning. She’d got new season strawberries yesterday so made us all banana strawberry smoothie for breakfast.

I needed a reminder that strawberries are tasty as it’s been a while since she bought them. I’d almost forgotten I like them.

It set her off for a big walk and then she took off ostensibly to have hundreds of photocopies made but she landed back with a glass trolley for the tearoom. Can’t resist shopping my Ma. It is super cute though.

We wolfed down a little leftovers and hit the road to deliver all those copies and then since Dad was on board for the ride we went to our favorite thrift store. Nothing great there today so we moved on to another.

We were no sooner there and I was settled down for a snooze while they shopped than the bad news came that the leak was now a four dripper!

Heavens the speed of the journey to get to the place nearly knocked me out. We were flying past those barns. I saw a Church and suggested we stop and pray. She motored on.

Turns out it’s all limited to one area so we’ve bucketed it up for the night. Please please please let the ceiling hold or I might have to deal with a temper tantrum.

Blessing # 1013-Roadrunner

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