Wagging Tail-313

My Mother is a hit or miss cook. She misses more often than she hits. Today was a classic case of bin it babe.

Dad was feeling a little under the weather following his vaccine and all the racing around yesterday.

So Ma was pampering him and making his favorite pancakes. The bro hates pancakes but she tried to kill two birds with one stone and offered up making crepes stuffed with Nutella to please the pair of them.

Disaster my dears total disaster. Never try to make crepe with boxed “just add water” pancake mix.

Outcome she had to fire more mix into the batter and make the father real pancakes and scrabble eggs for the bro. She remained calm! JUST just!

Great news for me though. I got eggs and pancakes. She ate the gloop and said it was fine. She’d eat anything that woman.

We’re off to the project now to watch the drips. I’ll report on the seriousness of the situation tomorrow at least she’s sweetened up for the trauma ahead.

Blessing # 1014 – Scraps

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