Wagging Tail- 314

We were delighted to find that the leak was not leaking when we went to the project yesterday afternoon.

We’d expected the worse because of the thaw. Maybe it’s a done deal but we’ll say nothing for now incase we jinks ourselves.

To celebrate the lack of leak Ma took me to the dog park.

It was awesome. Packed with puppies. Blue sky, pure white snow and no wind.

I was in heaven.

There were pals of all shapes and sizes colors and races in that park and not a cross word was spoken.

One lad looked like a donkey. I know some Great Danes but this was was The GREATEST. There were some teacup pups as well that were about the size of his big toe.

We all played ball and chased each other and sniffed a little.

Why can’t humans be more like us?

Blessing # 1015 – Ideals

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