Wagging Tail- 315

Yesterday Ma and me had to go get more paint for the project. I was happy as a clam to get a wee car ride with her.

This pesky light keeps coming on in the car about coolant levels. She asked the bro to check it and he’d done that and said the coolant was fine. The light wouldn’t go away though. Ma said it made her feel uneasy.

After we got the paint she takes a strange way home. She pulls into this place, runs in, runs out again and drags me out of the car into this place that looked suspiciously like a vets office.

Man I was scared. What was she up to? What suffering lay ahead for me. Please not grooming.

I was pained for fifteen whole minutes.

It’s not obvious when I’m worried unlike other canines. My emotions tend to be hidden by hair.

I make noises though, sad little cries and I go droopy.

All that concern was in vain. It wasn’t me who was getting checked out it was the car. The mechanic told Ma he didn’t understand why the light was on as the coolant was fine. Add that to the bro’s scorecard!

Pays to check though when you see that even the best of us like the Tiger can have accidents. Better not tempt fait.

Blessing # 1016 – False Alarm

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