Wagging Tail- 316

It’s as well I have a bladder of steel.

Ma left me with Dad to go painting at 9:15 this morning. I gave her my soulful “take me with you” look but she left without me!

At 6:15 this evening our neighbor Karen came over to say Ma blew a tire on the way home. Seems there was metal debris in the middle of the road and it ripped her tire. Good that it was close to a place she could quickly stop! Shame they don’t fix tires!

She tried calling Dad earlier from the project and he didn’t answer so she knew our phone wasn’t working at home! It’s been on and off like the internet since the big snow. So she called our neighbor instead.

Next up she texted the bro. He was at work in the town where he goes to college so she called AAA. They said the wait for a tow is FOUR hours

The bro called back and said he’d talked to his boss and the boss said he could go rescue Ma.

I wish to heavens someone would rescue me and let me out! I am fit to burst. I’ll just chew piggy.

Blessing # 1017– Exits

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