Wagging Tail-348

Ma and me got totally soaked this morning. It’s a nasty day.

Our plans for a trip in the car were scuppered so we played a bit of fetch and catch and ate a lot instead.

Ma made a big fry up for brunch so the house smells like BACON! It’s heavenly.

Dad shared some of his with me as I looked so tenderly into his eyes.

Herself thinks I don’t know but I saw her frying me a bit for my dinner too.

That’s why I’m pampering to her ever whim and sitting her watching a new Netflix program about Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret.

There’s just so much of this I can take but Ma loves this so I’m off to sleep.

Gotta make the most of even the dullest day. If you can’t walk you might as well dream of BACON!

Blessing # 1049 – Slumbers

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