Wagging Tail-390

Rained, make that poured ALL day.

Ma and me had a trot and got soaked to the skin. I was wearing my usual fur, she her thickest raincoat. Mines better!

She said the state of her nighty that was underneath reminded her of wet T-Shirt contests when she and her mates went to Spain to party. Made her chuckle. Especially since good old Paddington has on his sowester.

She ate the face of the bro by text before going to Church because he only left her a card for Mother’s Day. Turned out his present was in the freezer. He’d bought her a Key Lime Pie and Four Creme Brûlés. She had to admit she’d judged him wrong.

When she got back from asking for forgiveness he’d made pancakes and eggs for her breakfast. He’d cooked enough to feed a family of ten. I helped.

That made her feel better and so she did his tax return for him. He’s going to get a good chunk of change back from Uncle Sam!

She then did all her sums for the project and nearly fainted at the amount of money she’d poured into that place. Thought I was going to have to get the medics to bring her round. She’ll need to sell an awful lot of Tea not to mention uncover some series Treasure to make this work.

So now after much deep breathing we are relaxing and she has decided to binge watch her favorite Call the Midwife from the very beginning.

Turns out she never did see the very first episode but had read the book. May the Lord Bless and preserve me as I see visions of a week long session ahead. All that screaming!

Blessing #1091-Filed and Filled

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