Wagging Tail-391

I’ll sleep well tonight as I’ve been on a road trip since 10:00 am and am just home a few minutes ago.

We went all over mid-Ohio today.

First trip was to the tearoom to pick up some plants that had been residing there over the winter.

Next up we had to go to a notary to have them certify that Ma and Pa are living so they can get their pensions from Nestle. I could have done that but paws are not accepted it seems has to be official stamps.

After that we headed East to get the news on the parents tax situation and are delighted to say that everything is ready to roll on time to meet the deadline of May 15. That made Dad very happy as he’s worked so hard preparing everything. I gave him a kiss.

With that done and dusted we headed South to do some shopping and found a new thrift store where Ma picked up some useful little dishes to hold jam and cream. She realized last week she hadn’t enough of these as she hasn’t time to get what she has washed in between customers.

Finally we headed home and when Ma went to put her geranium plants on the patio she found a disaster. The Bizzy Lizzy’s that she kept in our bathroom over the winter and that she’d put outside last week had all been ravaged by frost and rain. Poor souls I’d grown attached to them. Maybe there’s a chance if I bark nicely they’ll come back to life.

In the meantime we’ll put a bag over those geraniums if it doesn’t warm up soon.

Blessing # 1092 – Buds and Blooms

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