Wagging Tail-405

Be prepared to be grossed out. The once in every seventeen year emergence of the Cicadas has started.

Dad is petrified I’ll eat some so Ma is under strict instructions to keep me away from them. It’s difficult to avoid them as they are everywhere and it’s only just the start we have several days to go before the peak of their season.

Here’re some pics from our yard taken this morning after our early trot.

The critters are up to all sorts of things.

They’re also shedding their skins all over the place. Some of their skeletons are even stuck to our brick wall. They must make their own superglue!

Gives an interesting perspective on the insect world. One that you rarely see.

They are kinda creepy though. I prefer squirrels and chipmunks and bunnies.

Think while they’re above ground I’ll go undercover and stay cool.

Blessing# 1106– Inside View

2 Replies to “Wagging Tail-405”

  1. Good idea! I’m visiting Colonial Williamsburg. Interesting but hot, I think I’ll come back earlier in year. Next stop Alexandria Vs. To see a new nephew.


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