Wagging Tail-413

I got to go to one of my favorite trails yesterday down by the riverbank.

We always see deer there and true to form we saw two young bucks out and about as well as lots of little critters. I left them a message to say I’m back!

Yesterday was special though.

We heard the creepy circadas calling but I won’t bore you with them again. Hum!

They melt into the background when you confront a snake head on. This was a big guy too and he was sunbathing right in the middle of the path.

Scooby and the Snake

Ma got some video of him and I was wise and sniffed him out from a distance. Really slow moving that snake but why take a risk. He’d gone by the time we got back from the circuit.

Thinking that we’d had our surprise for the week we weren’t expecting anything special today but as I tell Mom you must always be on the lookout for adventure.

Just look what I sniffed out! Isn’t he gorgeous. Auntie Denise and Mom were very impressed by my skills and stamina to keep up the good work. We were almost tempted to take him home but then we thought he may be a she and there may be babies around.

Blessing #1104-Nature Trails

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