Wagging Tail-458

We had a wee lie in this morning and didn’t get up until ten past seven. That’s like half the days over don’t you think?

It meant my first trot was one mile only as herself had to get ready for Church.

« Don’t worry Scooby » she said as Dad and her left « I’ll take you out again when we get back »

Usually there’s an excuse or a distraction when she says that and it never happens but you know what she was good to her word. I didn’t have to wait till six we were on the road again at eleven.

Perfection is how you could describe today. Blue sky, gentle breeze and a comfortable 80F.

We did the whole loop. See every road on this map? We’ve walked it.

My tongue was hanging to one side by the time we got home but after a good guzzle I’m great.

These boots are made for walking and I’m hoping herself continues to feel the need to clock up the steps after a little snack and nap.

Blessing #1059-Pawpal

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