Wagging Tail-462

This morning we overslept. Nearly missed the trash men and had to call Auntie Denise to say we were running late.

Just as well the mighty midget can wolf down her brekkie in thirty seconds. She eats so fast she get the hiccups which is kinda funny.

When we got back Ma had to have COFFEE as she is no good if not caffeinated.

The tike teased me mercilessly. She snuck under the coffee table and tried to retrieve her squirrel.

I just looked at her that’s all I need to do now to get her back in place.

She has developed a penchant for Dads trainers. Not quite sure what she sees in them because they are as ugly as sin.

Maybe it’s because he never wears them indoors.

Beware all ye who enter in henceforth shoe removal may result in a trip to the menders.

Blessing #1063-Cobblers

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