Wagging Tail -509

We had an early start again this morning.

Dad had his blood drawn on Monday and the good news is his haemoglobin is going in the right direction. The bad news is his potassium has gone from the depths to epic high levels so the blood had to be sucked again just now.

Poor soul is perforated like a pin cushion and he is all colors of blues and greens and yellows. If he wasn’t ancient he might look trendy.

Add to all this the Ma has started this repetitive singing. One of her friends had been to St. Patrick’s Cathedral Dublin at the weekend and had posted about the beauty of the choirs performance of Benjamin Brittons version of the Te Deum Laudamus.

My Ma ain’t no singer but she’s now got the Te Deum in her head like a gift and, like any good Church of Ireland girl knows, the familiarity of morning prayer canticles is proving most helpful in this time of stress.

Keep calm Ma! Sing away!!! Just don’t teach the tike or she might take off

Blessing #1110-Chants

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