Wagging Tail-541

As the sun rises on November we have another special day that is often overlooked by most people including us.

In the past it was a big deal.


The niece is definitely not one, nor is the bro or my Ma.

My Dad though he is definitely one because he always shares with me even when he risks getting an earful from Ma.

This year Ma says she got a special gift for the day from her cousin Barbara.

It’s a photo of Barbara and her husband Trevor’s wedding that took place exactly fifty years ago.

It’s full of family saints! What a treat to see all those faces.

Ma showed me Granny who was only 51 then which might explain the funky checked coat! She is beside my great Granny and many aunties and uncles who have passed the rainbow bridge. No sign of my Grandpa though.

Mom has a hunch he may have sneaked off for a pint but he was still up there with the best of them even if he is out of the picture!

Blessing #1142-Reminders

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