Wagging Tail-563

Ma is on the war path. We got into a tangle on our walk this morning when we spotted some venison on the move and we nearly broke her pinky. It’s taken on a peculiar allure.

She screamed blue murder at us and vowed that we were going to be kept in check from now on.

She went shopping and is now back with two retractable leashes for monster dogs.

One is made in Germany and Ma says that’s for me as it should be of excellent quality and hold me tighter than a straight jacket. I’m definitely number one puller in this place.

She will be in for a shock if it’s as feeble as it wrapping because the niece noshed that up in no time.

The dark side is getting a made in China but it’s also for a hundred pounder so it should hold her tight for a time too.

Secretly we are happy to have these new gizmos because our old leashes were way to short and no fun at all.

We’re going to test them out this afternoon in the sunshine. We’ll be good at least until pinky has straight!


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