Wagging Tail-564

Sometimes if Ma is at home during the day she’s had enough of the news by five o’clock and wants to see something light hearted.

Last night we watched a movie about a dog called Bridell.

Man that dog is as ugly as sin, even uglier than the niece.

Anyways like all good rescue dogs like me it made this nasty man a much better person.

He started out by throwing the dog down a laundry shoot but ended up being converted to minor sainthood.

The inevitable also in Ma’s sort of movie he fell in love.

To make the whole thing even better they played music by Van the man.

So even though we haven’t watched this before it’s being added to our watch again when you need a lift list!

Blessings #1165-Pawfect Plot

One Reply to “Wagging Tail-564”

  1. I’ll look for this on movie channel! I wish you and the family a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope this spring I’ll have a chance to visit friends in Ohio.


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