Wagging Tail-565

The bro declared he didn’t want Turkey today.

Go figure he adopted a gobbler so hardly needs another one.

That left a lot of space in our oven as the salmon we are having will only need an hour.

So Ma decided to make Dad his favorite muffins and the bro some sausage rolls for breakfast.

They looked kinda dodgy. I think I should have had them as they are definitely seconds if not thirds. He declared them delicious and shared only a meager crumb.

Anyway all this delayed our walk till 8:30 and resulted in a first.

We got caught in the Powell Annual Turkey Trot on our way back from the park.

I behaved well as the hundreds of runners wound their way through our neighboring neighborhood. The niece wanted to run with them and tugged us along for half a mile.

Her neck is now nearly as long as a turkeys so I’m giving it a nibble while we watch the Macy’s parade.

Hope you have a great day. I plan on eating as much as possible. There will be no waste here as the walking waste disposal unit will take care of that!

Blessing #1166-Feasting

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