Wagging Tail-588

Hi y’all it’s your favorite Pitty pups publishing today.

Have you missed me? I understand it must be hard to listen to that old grey gizzard every day!

I’ve been super busy eating and am now less than one pound short of grumpy’s weight.

He does not know what I have in store for him when I’m fully grown.

You should see my teeth! Enough of him anyway.

I’ve got this great new experience in my life. Food that doesn’t disappear.

As you know Auntie Denise magiced this up for us.

I love her so much and jump on her every morning.

Just when your feeling bored and sad having had your dinner Ma jumps up and tosses these indestructible osi on the floor for me and the aloof wolf to get to grips with.

He tries to assert himself and take both tibiae but I’m too talented to allow that.

I do a quick fart, he heads to the door for air and I grab one.

Now I’m not greedy as he’d have you believe.

All I want is my fair share.

Kept me busy right through till bedtime without a single snarl. Truly this is the stuff of dream. It’s like doggie chewing gum!

Blessing#1189-Jaw Breakers

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