Wagging Tail-609

This morning as I was stretching and doing my up dogs and down dogs I was listening to the news.

The escape of a sea lion from sea world in San Diego gave me a great idea.

The critter ran four miles away from its place of confinement even across an interstate highway.

It was eventually captured and returned to its lodgings.

I’ve been known to take off myself chasing vehicles. White SUVs are my penchant. The furthest I’ve gone so far is half a mile.

So you ask what’s the idea?

Well it hit me like a meteor when I heard this story.

If I tell the red neck about the sport of racing and teach her to chase cars she might keep running since she is stupid.

I could get rid of her once and for all.

She’s chipped but I’d do anything to get rid of this constant annoyance. She is really a pain in my neck.


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