Wagging Tail-620

I am totally exhausted and glad Ma has gone back to work today because yesterday the niece was with us ALL DAY.

She is guarding the house while I snooze as she has been promoted by me to second lieutenant!

She even was allowed into Ma’s boudoir yesterday which is exclusively my domain to have a siesta with us. I could have murdered her but she was quiet and did not snore which is a minor miracle.

After that we made shortbread in some lovy dovy shape since valentines is approaching and that is the current theme at the tearoom.

I oversaw the work but her nibs was doing a good job cleaning the floor.

She eats raw flour which is not good for you but no matter how much I try to talk to her she persists.

Ma said since we were both good and didn’t go at each other’s throats we could have the rejects. Alas there were only four!

I loved it when Ma messed up more. Now she’s into weights and measures so defect rate has diminished.

Maybe I’ll cause a rumpus next time!

Blessing#1122-Sweet Hearts

2 Replies to “Wagging Tail-620”

  1. Our puppy now 11 months has learned to stand on his hind legs and take snacks off the counters and tables. He particular love is knives and paper.


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