Wagging Tail-621

I’m on the banter early because I’ve nothing else to do.

Ma had me up at 5:30 because she has to take Dad to see the cardiologist this morning and the appointment is at 7:40 so they had to leave at 7:00.

It’s a whole rigmarole getting the meds done and the coffee made and me fed and watered so the poor woman needs a bit of time to wrap her head around the day not to mention finding clothes that fit. She’s getting a little chunky!

The cardiologist is Ma’s favorite of Dad’s many docs as she reckons he’s very pragmatic whatever that means. He has a funny name too that fits his profession. He’s called Dr GOODLIVE!!

Anyway he starts work early so here I am guarding the homestead.

I begged to go along too but Ma said it was way to cold and she’d be arrested if anyone saw me sitting in the car.

They’ll be home soon I hope.

Maybe they’ll bring donuts.

In the meantime I’ll rest and maybe nibble a little kibble as the bro and his spawn of Satan snore. I might even dream that she disappears in a puff of smoke!


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