Wagging Tail-622

Ma is mad. That would be in two regards, crazy and angry!

If she has no customers at the Tearoom instead of packing up and going home to take me for a trot she goes shopping.

Now fortunately her hunt for treasures does not lead her to expensive stores to make massive expenditures. Still costs accumulate!

Yesterday she was tickled pink that she found this “darling old children book” published in 1960 so certainly vintage almost an antique. Just like herself!!!!

She was all ohs and ahs about how sweet it was. Poor Dad has been charged to inspect it in detail today!

It may indeed be beautiful but I wasn’t having anything to do with being like a critter from a nursery rhyme or a feel good fable!

I tried to kill the kid.

She went after all the bones again so there was motive in my movements but Ma got so angry I had to beat the retreat under the table.

You just gotta get life in perspective. It’s not make believe. Territory is territory and I’m very territorial! No cloud cuckoo’s here please we have enough trouble with a certain princess!


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