Wagging Tail-623

Hi dear peeps it your Pitty Pups Princess publishing tonight.

I have been resting most of the day as beauty sleep is vital for one as wonderful as me.

When it’s chilly like today I have to bounce rather than walk to keep warm and need to recuperate.

Granny being old can’t thermoregulate quite as well as me. So I have to warm her up with love and licking when we get home.

I also get quite exhausted growing. The grey gizzard is but a chipmunk compared to me now!

It seems no time since I was a teacup like this little woof woof lady.

I’m still my Granny’s baby girl though.

If I keep whispering sweet nothings in her ear that’s the way I’ll stay too! I’ll put old grumpy’s nose right out of joint


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