Wagging Tail-624

There is a beautiful little blizzard happening outside with big chunky snowflakes falling.

It started when Ma and Pa went to Church. It was Dad’s first day back at the Sunday service since September. I took care of guarding as the bro is at his friends for the weekend.

It looks so pretty I could gaze at it all day. It’s sort of hypnotic and means Mum will stay home all afternoon with me. We will have a snooze later but for now we are looking through Facebook.

We read this funny from memories and it got us thinking. Nothing like a bit of philosophy on a Sunday afternoon.

Why do critters have tails and why are they so different.

Mine is curling and decorative like a bouffant hair style. It adorns me with an air of grandeur that Louis the Sixteenth would have envied.

The spawn of Satan has on the other hand has a projectile that looks and moves like a ballistic missile.

We hit on this post from my favorite site Woof Woof about a dog that can jump to incredible heights and do many other tricks.

This gave us our theory.

We have all different types of tails because we are all made for different duties.

That dog needs his to propel him and give him balance.

Mine is to be regal even imperial.

The tikes is to torture and terrorize.

A good reason I propose to lock her up and loose the key.


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