Wagging Tail-625

It is another bitterly cold day and snowing to boot so we got a very short trot.

My sleepiness therefore cannot be attributed to exertion unless that is chewing is considered an exercise.

I was so busy eating this morning I am exhausted.

Yesterday Ma boiled this huge meaty bone that was the leftover of the bargain ham she snagged in Aldi last week. It smelt so good.

Overnight she put the big pot out in the screen porch which serves as our winter refrigerator.

This morning all the fat had solidified on top and guess what she scrapped it all off and heated it in the microwave for me. It was then poured over my kibble and I crunched mightily.

The niece was still in bed so I had peace to clean up my whole bowl.

To say I am full is an understatement. I won’t need nourishment for a week.

The skimmed base has now been combined with a lot of peas and other veggies.

It’s now percolating away in the slow cooker so Ma has nothing to do tonight when she comes home from work except love on me and eat!

Never had pea soup.

Sounds too healthy and looks too green but maybe by then I’ll have slept off my earlier excess and will give it a slurp.

Blessing#1226-Taking Stock

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