Wagging Tail-626

It’s so pretty outside with the bright blue skies and the new fall of snow.

Very cold on the old tootsies though.

Ma and me and the tike were all slip sliding around on our morning outing. Even my super gripper paws weren’t sticking.

Ma said though that she’s smelling spring in the air! The days are longer and everyone is perking up!

Dad got out too to Tuesday Morning Group. He’s feeling so good he almost went without oxygen. I advised though that it’s best to take it just in case he needs a puff in the cold. I am all for taking care of people I love.

Ma went out to get the groceries after she dropped Dad home. We’re having BIG steaks for dinner since the bro is off today. She had to buy half a cow. I am torture free as the THING is cuddling with him. Poor Ma also had to haul home another 40 lb bag of kibble she can hardly lift it poor old soul. That spawn of Satan just sucks it in and will the death of my poor Ma!

She rewarded herself by going for a haircut. As she said she didn’t just need it she deserved it.

Can’t say I see much difference she could have bought the other half of that cow for me!

Blessing#1227-Chuck and Chop

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