Wagging Tail-627

Ma was wrong about spring. Winter digs in deeper by the day.

We couldn’t go further than the end of the street this morning or we’d seriously have had frostbite.

Now I have to endure a day with Dad! At least it’s toasty inside.

Ma has driven off into the big blue yonder early because the heating was working so hard it tripped the fuse at the Tearoom. Fortunately the tenant who rents the apartment above was home and able to flip it back on

Ma is in one of those « I wish we had moved back to Switzerland » moods. This, today was swiftly followed by a lament along the lines of « I wish I’d never laid eyes on this stupid old building. What a mistake. I’m such a fool » Why didn’t I just content myself with my little antique booth instead of making this headache for myself »

I do my best to comfort her and help her get through her soul searching.

The drive to and from work also does something to partially restore her sanity.

In spite of frozen rivers

Tundra plains and frozen farm land

There’s a kettle to boil and a cuppa to make when she gets there to warm her heart a little even if there are no customers.

Of course for the return the reward is always me. See if she’d gone back to Switzerland we’d never have met and that would have been terrible. A loss greater than any trouble!

Blessing#1228-T for Terrier

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